I am an artist, I draw and paint. To please me and You. 
Although I liked drawing and painting from early age, life had other plans for me for a while.

After high school I wished to start studying in an art college, but I didn't pass entrance examination.  Instead I started studying in Estonian Maritime Academy. After graduation I worked 2 years as 3rd mate on cargo ships and sailed in international waters. Eventually I realised that this is not for me. 

I resigned my career at sea and once again tried to start my art studies. This time I was successful. In 2012 I graduated Pallas University of Applied Sciences, in Tartu, Estonia, where my main faculty was media design. I have been involved with creative work ever since. Selection of my works is in view on this website. I hope you like my works of art. They say a thing or two about the person who is on the picture, but also about me as an artist. Paintings and drawings help to keep special moments of life alive. 

If you wish to have a portrait of yourself or your loved one or any other artwork, please be sure to contact me.
All the paintings you see on my webpage are for sale, except commissioned works, portraits of my family and paintings marked with "SOLD" in their description.